Simbli Board Meeting Software Review

In this post, we’ll show you how you can use Simbli Board Meeting Software, a real-time visual workspace / online whiteboard, to improve remote team workflows with visual collaboration tools.

What is Simbli board meeting software?

The world of work has changed significantly in recent years due to factors such as globalization and digitization. Cooperation in the company is no longer tied to just one workplace and employee teams are increasingly being composed internationally or at least nationally. Working in so-called remote teams requires a special way of communicating in the team as well as a high degree of flexibility on the part of the company management.

Often, the whiteboard is the center of the most effective collaboration. By wrapping your thoughts in words, visuals, or diagrams, you can think more productively, generate ideas, and innovate faster. However, the days when the team gathered at the blackboard in the conference room spilled their ideas on it are a thing of the past and will not return, at least until the complete eradication of COVID-19. And with many working from home to tackle the pandemic as quickly as possible, digital and online whiteboards provided by board portals have become an indispensable tool for teams.

Simbli is a board portal solution that provides a secure workspace for business collaboration. Simbli can be used as a visual collaboration space to improve the effectiveness of teams. With built-in video conferencing, an endless grid, real-time collaboration, and a wide selection of editable templates, the software can be used at all stages of your online meeting or seminar.

Simbli for improving remote collaboration efficiency?

Within the solution, business processes are already set up and adjusted to facilitate effective meetings and discussions. Employees do not have to worry about how to properly organize meetings in the company or build work from scratch.

The use of the Simbli board portal ensures the economy of the organization’s resources, the improvement of business communications in the external and internal environment of the company, provides an increase in profits by increasing the productivity of employees and reducing the risk of losses.

The software performs the following functions:

  • Scheduling meetings and filling agenda items with materials, displaying information about upcoming meetings in a specially designed calendar for secretaries.
  • Receive, view, and review meeting materials on your tablet.
  • Electronic voting system on agenda items with the ability to leave a comment-dissenting opinion.
  • Automatic generation of the minutes of the meeting from the web interface of the secretary.
  • Integration with corporate information systems (AD, mail system, workflow).


Simbli board management software is an effective tool for a unified workspace that provides users with easy access to information and applications, anywhere and from any type of device while ensuring information security. Simbli board portal has the following benefits for corporate management structure:

  • Data storage

All information related to your company – an archive of organizational and legal documents, job descriptions, the number of people in each division will be stored on your server, which ensures maximum security of your corporate data.

  • Increased security

Unlike boxed solutions, custom development allows you to provide the maximum level of security for your web application, due to two-factor authentication, encrypted protocols, and the implementation of SQL injections protection.

  • Reduced costs

The business owner does not need to spend money on the server and internal technical support, as well as on the administration of system software. The entire budget comes down to rent for using the solution.