6 Tips to Make Board Meetings More Productive

Board meetings are of paramount importance, but are they effective in the online format? What’s the best way to organize a meeting so that it leads to the desired result?  Here are 6 tips to make your next meeting a success.

The purpose of board meetings

Results-oriented meetings are one of the most important communication and work steps in day-to-day business especially when it is held in the online format. So that the meeting does not turn into a process of pouring from empty to empty, but an effective board meeting took place, at which important decisions would be made, the leader must master all the intricacies of organizing and conducting this event.

The board of directors is such a body in which fundamental decisions are made by the principle of voting by the majority of its members after a preliminary discussion, taking into account all the comments made.

Tips to make board meetings productive

Any special event is a holistic project, a complex set of interrelated activities that require the professional skills of the organization. What else is important and how can you optimally prepare for meetings? Let’s start with our 6 tips:

  1. Set topics correctly

The first step is to ask yourself what exactly should be discussed in the meeting. When preparing for an online meeting, thoroughly think over its structure, timetable, and discussion agenda if you want your meeting to run smoothly, structured, and efficiently.

  1. Notify all participants in advance

The link to the collaboration tool should be sent in advance so that all people involved are on the same page before the meeting. Invite people to the meeting who can help you achieve your goals, making sure you provide different perspectives. You can increase your chances of success by inviting key players. To do this, invite them in person or schedule a meeting based on their schedule. Give them an active role in the meeting or emphasize the importance of their attendance.

  1. Choose the right digital platform

There are some possible tools and applications for video conferencing. In this case, the board portal is the most suitable variant. The system is designed to prepare meetings, conduct voting of collegial bodies, various public councils, and commissions. The solution provides the ability to participate in meetings remotely – at any time and from anywhere in the world. The service automates the process of meetings and corporate management.

  1. Provide enough opportunities for virtual collaboration

There are already many ways for remote teams to share documents and work on them at the same time, such as in virtual data rooms. In any case, make sure that the technical requirements for collaboration via the computer are in place.

  1. Assign clear tasks to the participants

A clear distribution of roles provides structure and enables effective collaboration in virtual meetings. The following roles should be divided among the participants: moderator, writer, and other participants. In teams that are not very familiar with each other, it can help to play a little game beforehand that loosens everyone up.

  1. Make sure that all participants have their say

On the one hand, it is necessary to deny every team member participating in the video conference the right to use the “mute devices” button, because ultimately everyone should have their say. In addition, everyone works in a concentrated manner and the chance that someone is doing other tasks on the side is minimized.